Patterns in a Chromatic Field

28 years after the creation of this piece, Arne Deforce, Yutaka Oya and Visual Kitchen take on the challenge of creating an audiovisual performance with this composition by one of the pioneer composers of the ‘indeterminate music’ movement or post-war avantgarde.

Morton Feldman’s musical thinking is strongly related to the aesthetics of the action painter Pollock and the color field paintings of Rothko. Pollock inspires him to take on the spontaneous creative gesture to free sound from it’s structured traditional framework of melody or f.ex. the dodecaphone series. From Rothko, he takes on the idea to consider music as a surface, like the surface of a painting, stripped from it’s temporal element. His music are musical canvasses, printed with dyes of sound.

Feldman is an artist that uses time, like Mark Rothko masters planes. Actually both artist create space, the visual space and the acoustic space. The exploration of space is an elementary part of Feldman’s thinking of and about music. The space is confirmed by sound, through the sound of instruments or the human voice, by it’s acoustic properties.
In the creation Visual Kitchen is setting up with Deforce and Oya, we’re turning around the process, back to the source. Where Feldman’s inspirations determine his writing and composition, we turn the process around, and let his music, the sheet music as well as the sound, become a movement in time on a canvas. It’s painting with light on a canvas, light that’s influenced by patterns in a composition, becomes structure that is modulated in time by the movement in the music.

We would like to thank Martine Gyselbrecht for the use of her tissues.

This project premiered at the Festival van Vlaanderen – Kortrijk on april 25th 2013.

An experimental documentary is currently in pre-production with the support of the VAF.

Patterns in a Chromatic Field is a Visual Kitchen production, coproduced by
Festival Van Vlaanderen – Kortrijk, November Music and Concertgebouw Brugge


Patterns in a chromatic field

Technical notes